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Sober Relationships after Addiction

Sober Relationships after AddictionDrug abuse and addiction often hurt relationships with San Diego family members and friends. Loved ones may be unwilling to discuss their problems, and it may be difficult to connect with addicted family members who avoid confrontation. However, sobriety may help loved ones be more open and resolve conflicts through positive methods. Recovering addicts may repair damage done to relationships, and loved ones may grow closer with honest communication.

How Sobriety Changes Friendships

True San Diego friends will be happy that a loved one chooses to become sober. Once sober, recovering drug addicts may renew bonds with old friends. Additionally, someone recovering from addiction may wish to distance himself from friends that still use drugs or drink heavily. However, this may be a good time to make new friends based on common interests and hobbies. An individual may join support groups or take a class in a subject he enjoys. Sober activity groups may also be a source of new friendships. People can recover and stay clean if they engage themselves in the recovery process.

How Romantic Relationships May Change after Addiction Treatment

Romantic relationships may have suffered due to addiction. San Diego drug addicts may have exuded erratic behavior, guarded emotions and irresponsible actions, especially during intoxication. Either individual in a relationship may hide from conflict to avoid discussing the addiction, but sobriety may make it easier to discuss relationship issues. This may be difficult at first, but with honest communication a relationship may grow after addiction.

Dating new people after addiction may be intimidating, especially if a San Diego resident is used to drinking on dates. However, dating may be more pleasant without addiction altering your behavior and hindering communication. Individuals recovering from addiction may wish to meet other singles through sober activity groups or dating websites.

How Interacting with Strangers May Change after Addiction

Addicts may be self-conscious about being intoxicated in public, or they may experience social anxiety meeting other San Diego residents. Counseling during treatment may help people cope with anxiety, and recovering addicts may be more comfortable in public. As a result, going to public places and social interactions with strangers may be easier after addiction. Recovering addicts may have more self-esteem and feel more secure when meeting new people.

Addiction Recovery for San Diego Residents

If you live in San Diego and either struggle with addiction or worry about relapse, we can help. Our counselors can answer your questions about addiction treatment and help you find the right treatment for your needs. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to learn more and begin recovering from addiction.