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Oxycontin Drug Problems

Oxycontin Drug ProblemsOxyContin is the FDA-approved, name brand form of the prescription pain killer oxycodone. Oxycodone is used to relieve chronic pain in many users. However, OxyContin is also one of many prescription drugs abused by people of all ages, including almost five percent of high school seniors. Although no drug abuse should be taken lightly, OxyContin abuse should certainly not be ignored. The drug is highly addictive, and prolonged use can have a great effect on your health and happiness.

Information About OxyContin

Oxycodone is a synthetic opioid, meaning it has properties that match those of the opium plant. OxyContin works by dulling the pain receptors in the brain and minimizing discomfort. Unfortunately, this method of pain relief also works to help your body to become dependent. After some time, your body will physically crave the Oxycontin, even to the point of feeling increased pain without it. This is one of the key signs of a physical addiction. The pain you may feel without oxycodone is just one of many withdrawal symptoms brought on by the adjustment your body is making without it. This process is also known as detoxing.

OxyContin Withdrawal

Withdrawal from any physically addictive drug can be difficult but for oxycodone users, it can also be painful and possibly life-threatening. When going through withdrawal, you’re likely to feel increased pain, changes in your blood pressure and even respiratory difficulties. Tremors are also commonly experienced while detoxing from OxyContin. Withdrawal can also cause insomnia, rapid shifts in mood and depression.

These symptoms can be mild or extreme, depending on the length of time you’ve been addicted. As your addiction becomes more severe, it’s also more difficult to self-rehabilitate, as these withdrawal symptoms also grow in severity.

Dangers of OxyContin Use

The primary danger of oxycodone use is, of course, addiction. Current OxyContin users also risk of overdose. Despite being careful, everyone risks overdose when they are a drug addict. It can happen because the drug builds up in your system, and this tolerance makes it necessary to take larger doses. You also risk overdose if you’ve been attempting to detox on your own, because the natural impulse is to take even larger amounts of oxycodone than before. This, however, will overwhelm your system and lead to negative side effects, and possibly even death.

The most effective way to avoid overdose is to seek treatment for your OxyContin addiction immediately.

Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

Proper treatment for OxyContin dependency can save your life. Although withdrawal can be difficult to undergo, if you accept treatment, you can detox in a supervised environment and not risk relapse or overdose in the process. Trained staff will help you learn how to manage your pain without narcotics.

Your health is in your hands, but we can help you find a drug treatment program that works for you. Call us today.