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Is My Child an Addict?

Is My Child an Addict?Addiction is defined as a dependency upon a substance or outside stimulus. San Diego residents may become addicted to many drugs, but many of them get hooked on drugs or alcohol. Addiction to a controlled substance is very dangerous, and may be life-threatening, but you can protect your loved ones from addiction if you learn which symptoms indicate addiction. Several signs suggest that someone abuses drugs, and knowing these signs teaches people when to seek help. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), addiction is a disease with a chemical cause. Parents can detect addiction in their children if they know the symptoms typical of drug abuse, and recovery is possible if people seek professional help.

Signs of Substance Abuse in Teens

San Diego residents may recognize drug abuse by knowing how it affects people. Warning signs of drug abuse can also indicate a larger problem that needs to be treated, so catching these warning signs before addiction develops may prevent further problems in your child’s life. According to the Mayo Clinic, the following problems may indicate addiction:

  • Feelings of need
  • Failed attempts to stop using the drug
  • Maintaining a supply of drugs
  • Acting in ways people normally would not to obtain the substance
  • Believing someone needs the substance to deal with their problems

Recognizing these signs is the first step to finding treatment. These warning signs may be indicate a larger problem that leads to addiction, so seek professional help as soon as possible to help you or a San Diego loved one recover.

Signs of Addiction in Children

According to SAMHSA and the NIH, children or teenagers addicted to drugs may exude any of the following signs of addiction:

  • Neglecting school and homework
  • Loss of friends
  • Falling or failing grades
  • Fighting with friends and family
  • Abandoning activities they used to enjoy
  • Strange or erratic behavior

While more signs than these suggest addiction, parents and loved ones can use these signs to determine if their young loved one needs help. You can also observe these signs to determine the appropriate treatment options for your San Diego loved one.

Addiction Treatment for Children

Many treatment options help children and teenagers who are drug addicts. One of the most recommended options is an intervention, which means family and friends gather to confront a drug user and encourage her to seek treatment. Interventions allow friends and family to support drug users, because letting a child know she is loved may help her take steps toward a fuller, healthier life without drugs.

Addiction Help for San Diego Children

If you or a San Diego loved one struggles with addiction, call us now. Admissions coordinators at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline can determine the treatment options that are right for you, so call now to begin recovery today.