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Is My Alcoholism Coupled with a Mental Health Issue?

Is My Alcoholism Coupled with a Mental Health Issue?A casual and social drinker never really has to explain his or her drinking. But to a binge drinker or an alcoholic, there are times when you ask that question, “Why do I drink?” Why does it feel like I must drink?” Sometimes, it is enough to simply acknowledge the fact that “I am an alcoholic.” This acknowledgment can be a powerful step toward sobriety and recovery. But, sometimes San Diego alcoholics may suspect or wonder if there are other issues beyond the abuse of alcohol.

Drinking to Relax in San Diego

A common explanation for why San Diego residents drink is to “to relax.” This could, however, have a deeper cause than the run-of-the-mill release after a day’s hard work. There might, for example, be anxiety disorders that have never been diagnosed or addressed, and the alcohol has become a long-term, addictive form of self-medication. In other words, underlying the substance abuse you might have a real mental health issue. Many San Diego residents struggle with a mental health issue for quite some time before they seek medical or alcoholism help.

Drinking to Escape in San Diego

As a readily available drug, alcohol can be an easy way to escape from reality. Again, there may be serious mental health issues dealing with previous abuse, post traumatic stress, or emotional dysfunction from which the alcoholic feels a strong need to escape. Alcohol is cheap, quick and easy; the escape works—but only temporarily. Eventually, San Diego alcoholics must return to reality, and after the “escape,” they are more likely than ever to feel inadequate to the task of coping with reality.

Drinking Increases Risk of Mental Health Issues

While drinking may be a way to cope with prior mental health conditions, it may also increase the risk of some other issues, including depression, anti-social disorders, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Alcoholism can cause mental health problems, and mental health problems can compel alcoholism. This does not mean that one problem will always lead to the other, but it is possible that being an alcoholic can increase the risk of developing a mental health issue.

San Diego Alcoholism Help

The combination of alcoholism with one (or more) mental health issue can be a bad mix, but there is hope. The hope lies in getting help through a treatment center that can address both the alcohol abuse and the mental health issue. Not every treatment center or program offers this kind of dual treatment, but San Diego alcoholics can completely recover with the right help. To find out more information call our toll-free 24 hour helpline for immediate assistance.