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Is It Bad If I Avoid an Addicted Friend?

Is It Bad If I Avoid an Addicted Friend?Addiction affects every relationship an addict has. Family members, friends, colleagues and co-workers must decide whether maintaining a relationship with an addict is something they can handle. These relationships can become toxic, as addicts struggle to balance their lives. This often forces San Diego residents to examine how an addict’s friendship affects their lives. Learning how to help an addicted friend and set appropriate boundaries is important if the friendship is to continue.

How to Help a San Diego Friend Quit Drugs

One of the most important ways you can help an addicted friend is to get her on the road to recovery. You enable the addiction if you maintain the friendship without insisting your friend get help. Without medically supervised detox, rehab and ongoing support, your San Diego friend will never overcome her addiction. An intervention can help your friend realize that she is not alone. By communicating with your friend’s family members and holding an intervention, you can help your friend break addiction.

How to Help a San Diego Friend with Addiction Recovery

Once your friend is admitted to a rehab center, it’s time to evaluate what your ongoing role in the relationship should be. With the help of trusted family members and friends, determine how the friendship has changed you and whether or not you feel strong enough to continue helping. Friendships with those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse are emotionally draining; over time you may feel you have nothing left to give. This is especially true if you had no clear boundaries prior to getting your friend help.

Take time to rest and recover from the damage by distancing yourself from your friend. If your friend is part of an inpatient program, this will be easy to do. If he is in outpatient rehab, rediscover yourself while your friend is getting treatment. It’s OK to let him know that you need time to heal from the process. It’s also a good idea to seek counseling. Therapy is a great way to understand your addicted friend, how the relationship evolved over time and what you need the friendship to look like to move forward.

Should I Stay Friends with a San Diego Drug Addict?

Once you’ve evaluated your role with a recovering addict, it’s time to decide if the friendship can continue. Your therapist, San Diego family members and close friends can help you determine if the relationship with your addicted friend is too toxic to continue. There are times when ending a friendship with a recovering addict is the only way to help the both parties begin a new life. There may be too much baggage to overcome, and your friend needs you to let her go so she can heal completely for herself.

San Diego Addiction Help

If you or a San Diego loved one is struggling with addiction, we are here to help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now for instant support. We can help you break addiction if you can call and ask for help.