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How to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking Alcohol

How to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking AlcoholIf you are a recovering addict or alcoholic in San Diego, you may feel that it is difficult if not impossible to have fun without drugs or alcohol. However people can have a perfectly good time and enjoy social situations without drinking. Every single day families and groups of friends have great fun without a drop of alcohol.

Enjoy Life in San Diego without Drinking

Find places in San Diego where other people have fun without alcohol, and avoid places where you know there will be alcohol. Water parks, beaches and public parks, community events, movie theaters and civic theaters are all drug and alcohol-free environments. Seek out these places, and seek out friends who won’t or don’t drink. They can help you stay sober by example and by holding you accountable.

Connect with People to Enjoy an Alcohol-Free Life in San Diego

Good old fashioned conversation is highly satisfying and usually includes lots of good stories, funny anecdotes and jokes. Get with friends, have a meal and stay to talk about events, recent and past, that bring a smile to faces. Find a friend or group of friends to engage in a physical activity with. Take up yoga, cycling, jogging or join a group that not only exercises together but socializes together. If possible find a group in San Diego that is devoted to not drinking, perhaps is even made up of members who have been through rehab. If you are going out on the town with friends, be the proactive person who volunteers to be the designated driver. Don’t wait for others to direct the group to situations that might compromise you. Make positive suggestions about how and where to spend time together.

Get Help to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking

No matter where or when you need help, you can call our toll-free helpline. Staff members can talk with you about temptations to use, learning to live life in San Diego without alcohol and options for recovery support or rehab.