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How the Internet Enables Addiction

How the Internet Enables AddictionFor drug users in San Diego, surfing the information superhighway can often lead to dangerous situations. This happens when people use the internet to enable their substance abuse. Examples include searching the web for new ways to use, for new drugs to try or to see what can be bought online. Internet information sources such as Wikipedia are not infallible, and yet some people would rather consult the internet about drug interactions than a medical doctor.

Ways the Internet Aids Addiction in San Diego

Internet forums that glorify drug use provide an unhealthy social influence, but the web primarily aids addiction through counterproductive information. The internet can enable a San Diego resident’s addiction in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Teach users how to evade or trick a drug test
  • Provide information on undetectable steroid use
  • Direct people to where they can buy drugs
  • Connect users with drug-abusing social groups
  • Offer information on dangerous new ways to get high
  • Show users how to transport or deal narcotics

A San Diego resident might use the internet to see what drug combinations are safe, but this is risky since websites and message boards are not reliable sources.

San Diego Residents Buying Drugs on the Internet

Drug shopping on the internet is also dangerous, since sites that illegally sell drugs often engage in a variety of unsafe activities, including the following:

  • Selling untested drugs with the wrong active ingredients
  • Selling an unregulated foreign version of the drug
  • Rarely being held accountable for causing health problems
  • Not providing important information about the drugs and their effects
  • Replacing your order with an alternate substance, such as the anti-psychotic drug called haloperidol

The FDA discovered the haloperidol switch when several people who ordered drugs online got the anti-psychotic instead of the drug they ordered and ended up in the emergency room.

Addiction to the Internet in San Diego

According to Britain’s The Telegraph, researchers found in 2012 that internet addicts show similar white-matter brain changes to those who abuse alcohol and cocaine. The researchers have not determined if the changes cause the internet addiction or stem from it, but web addiction is becoming a real issue. One addiction often leads to another or shows a predisposition to develop other addictions, so a San Diego resident’s internet addiction may set the stage for other dependencies.

Treatment for a San Diego Resident’s Substance Abuse

While the internet can connect you to unhealthy information, it is also an excellent resource for learning about treatment. Addiction specialists can help, and learning about recovery advancements can encourage addicts to seek help. Modern treatment can help San Diego residents through a number of therapy techniques, including the following:

  • Medically supervised detox that might include weaning a person off the drug
  • A personalized plan for tackling the addiction and its root causes
  • Identification of the environments and actions that might trigger drug use temptation
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety and depression
  • Behavioral therapies that fight relapse and empower recovery
  • Aftercare support through group therapy and individual counseling

After leaving treatment, the internet is also a great way to research local support groups, which is a long-proven benefit to recovering addicts.

Finding Help to Stop a San Diego Resident’s Addiction

Professional treatment often takes a holistic approach that includes more than what is listed above, and while the internet can provide details, we suggest that San Diego residents get in touch with a professional addiction counselor. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day on our toll-free helpline to provide information, discuss treatment options and check health insurance policies for coverage. When it comes to breaking an addiction, a human connection can help more than an internet one. Let us help.