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How Social Status Affects Drug Use

How Social Status Affects Drug UseA San Diego resident’s social and economic status can determine his quality of life in many ways. Problems such as abuse, financial stress, family relationships and other factors resulting from their socioeconomic status have long been thought to contribute to drug abuse. Family and social acceptance of drug use correlates highly with initial use.

How Addiction Develops in San Diego Residents Substance abuse is a problem that plagues all San Diego ethnicities and social classes. Family life in lower social classes is generally plagued by financial difficulties and family relationship problems leading to larger amounts of stress. As a way to cope with that stress many people in these homes turn to drugs to escape from their pain. Many people in this class eventually turn to crime to support their drug habits. Upper and middle class groups have easier access to prescription medication due to better insurance and finances. The abuse of anti-depressants and tranquilizers is more common than street drugs in this group.

Does San Diego Socioeconomic Status Affect Addiction?

Some people believe that drug abuse, especially of alcohol, seems equal in all San Diego socioeconomic classes; greater resources do not always mean a person abuses a higher quality of drug. Although people who are better off economically can afford drugs more readily, they are also more apt to avoid addiction. For example, middle class white males use drugs with the same frequency as lower socioeconomic groups and minorities, but the lower socioeconomic groups have a much higher rate of addiction. Members of higher socioeconomic classes are generally more educated and aware of the risks involved in drug abuse, so they are more aware of the health consequences along with the threat of legal issues from drug abuse.

How to Overcome Drug Addiction

Social and economic factors also affect the chances of a successful recovery from addiction. Proper addiction treatment can be expensive, but there is help available to every San Diego residents regardless of financial circumstances. There are many free alternatives to treatment, and there are many rehab centers that offer free or reduced prices to those in financial need. Overcoming substance abuse is almost impossible to accomplish alone. Compassionate and effective help is available no matter your social or economic status.

San Diego Addiction Help

Are you or someone you love struggling with a drug problem? We are here to help. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to any San Diego resident. Please call and let one of our counselors get you the solutions you need.