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How Does Addiction Impact a Close-Knit Community?

How Does Addiction Impact a Close-Knit Community?

If an individual in a small community is suffering from drug addiction, everybody will likely know sooner or later

Growing up or living in a small community, such as a small town or close-knit cultural group, carries a whole slew of challenges and benefits. Whether you live in a gated community or a tiny town in an isolated region, the effect is similar. Everybody knows everybody, and the effects of people’s actions ripple through the whole community. For those who are familiar with this kind of lifestyle, you will recognize this effect. What is said is said to everybody, and what happens to one happens to all. So what kind of impact does addiction have on such a community in San Diego?

Addiction Among Peers

One effect of living in one of San Diego’s tightly-knit communities is that people are more likely to share the same opinions, morals and habits. This can become a problem if drug addiction develops in the area. Instead of having small, isolated individuals or groups practicing drug use, the habit can become widespread and openly visible.

This has been known to happen in some industrial and mining towns; a large percentage of the workers are addicted to opiates or other narcotics, and because the addiction is so widespread, and because they all know each other, people are openly selling, buying and using drugs. This means substances are easier to find and that more people will have access to them.

It also means that the pervasive culture of drug use will be reinforced in the long run, which will negatively impact the community as a whole. This effect can be seen manifested in some colleges and universities across the United States. There is a culture of alcohol and drug abuse that is perpetuated and even celebrated, which is something that can affect more than the individual. It affects the population as a whole.

The Effects of a Small Society On an Individual Drug User

Sometimes addiction is not widespread, as it was in the previous example. In small towns where there are many non-drug users, close-knit communities will often experience a few troubled members who develop addiction. This carries a different set of problems, many of which make the addict’s life more difficult in their San Diego community.

If a single individual in a small community is suffering from drug addiction, everybody will likely know sooner or later, due to the high level of communication among the social network. Often this results in disparaging gossip and even alienation from the larger community. Such estrangement can make it hard for the addict to keep friends or hold down a job. This is a common problem for addicts, but when the “cold shoulder” is delivered by the entire community, it becomes even more difficult.

Addiction Help in Small Communities

When addiction impacts a small group of people the effects can be more serious than when it affects a larger community. This can be difficult for addicts in San Diego, who feel pressured by the people closest to them. Often addicts find solace in the support or advice from those they do not know, as they can be sure that there is no personal or communal agenda being pushed on them.

If you want to help somebody in that situation, try to support her without being judgmental and try to respect her wishes if she wants you to not discuss her problem with others.

If you or somebody close to you needs help with their addiction, we are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to call our toll free number – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.