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Five Ways to Find Balance in Your Recovery Lifestyle


Being intentional about spending some quality time alone is essential to a balanced lifestyle

Finding a balance between all of the demands in life, especially life in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, is essential to personal health and well-being. However, some San Diego residents in recovery may be investing too much time or energy into one area of their life while other equally important areas begin to fall apart or feel neglected. Neglecting certain important areas of life can create unnecessary stress, which is itself a dangerous relapse trigger.

Staying Balanced During Addiction Recovery

Five beneficial ways to find a healthy balance during life in recovery can include the following:

  • Have alone time – Being intentional about spending some quality time alone is essential to a balanced lifestyle. Support from others is an important part of recovery, but having personal time is equally essential. Spending some time alone can allow a person to wind down from the responsibilities of life and feel refreshed and renewed. Time alone can be best spent in personal reflection, spiritual growth, meditation, journaling, reading, or spending time in nature. Personal reflection in some way is a key element of alone time as it allows a person to increase self-awareness.
  • Exercise – Staying active is always beneficial to a healthy lifestyle but can also add balance to life in recovery. Exercise can often be intimidating to many people in recovery, but the degree of exercise does not have to be intense. Simply going out for walks with friends, hiking or swimming can be a healthy form of exercise that can help to balance out life.
  • Schedule time wisely – Carefully planning out your time can help reduce the risk of stress. It is also essential to be intentional about the time that is spent during scheduled events. For example, if you are constantly thinking about work when home from the office, you may be adding unnecessary stress to your life. Instead, try and leave work at work and not think about it until it is time to be at work again. When you are with friends and family, try to be fully present so you can connect and spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • Volunteer and help others – Helping others by volunteering with certain organizations can allow a person to feel a sense of personal reward, which can help balance out life in recovery.
  • Continue receiving support – Attending support group meetings, receiving professional therapy and checking in with support partners is also essential to a balanced life in recovery. Having time alone or with friends for personal enjoyment is great, but it must be paired with continuing addiction support.

It is essential to achieve balance during recovery because it helps to reduce stress and risk of stress related relapse. Balance allows a person to have a healthy sense of self-awareness that is essential to on-going recovery efforts. Achieving and maintaining balance also helps a person reach personal and occupational goals.

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