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Finding the Right Job after Addiction

Finding the Right Job after AddictionMany recovering addicts need to find a new job after treatment, and their reasons for unemployment can include the following:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse caused the individual to get fired
  • The previous workplace was not conducive to a sober lifestyle
  • The addiction made it difficult to pursue employment opportunities
  • The substance abuse started as a way to self-medicate unemployment woes
  • Post-treatment recovery is happening in a different town

Whatever the reason, it is important to find the right job in San Diego after addiction treatment. A good job provides added purpose, while unemployment can lead to boredom, which can disturb recovery.

Types of Jobs to Avoid

A workplace environment in San Diego can help or hurt a recovery. There are certain jobs that should be avoided:

  • Jobs in the nightlife industry, including bars, pubs, clubs and beer halls
  • Work that involves physical pain or discomfort for recovering painkiller addicts
  • High-stress workplaces for those who abused anti-anxiety medications
  • Jobs with current substances abusers or coworkers who pressure social drinking
  • Places that feature substance-abuse associations or mental triggers
  • Medical jobs that provide access to prescription drugs

Recovering addicts need to avoid risky workplace environments and pursue jobs that promote a positive and supportive atmosphere in San Diego.

Tips for Finding the Right Job

A long-term addiction can result in job termination and a lack of positive references, and some employers might discriminate against people with drug histories. Nevertheless, there are ways to get around these problems and maximize the job search in San Diego:

  • Improve references by volunteering for a cause or community project
  • Ask for help finding sobriety-friendly job opportunities at a local support group
  • Learn new skills by going back to school, apprenticing, or interning
  • Write apology letters to former employers who were affected by the drug use
  • Let loved ones and sober friends know that you are looking for a job
  • Be honest and upfront about the recovery with potential employers

Treatment centers can help recovering addicts transition back into daily life in San Diego. This can include placement in community housing or “halfway houses,” but it can also include job training and placement. Rehab treats the entire person, and that includes addressing needs that foster recovery. Speak with an addiction counselor about these services.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Some addicts fear losing their job if they seek treatment. Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Labor provides some protection with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA). Addicts should understand their legal rights under FMLA before approaching an employer, but getting addiction help needs to be a priority. Rehab treats addicts with various recovery tools:

  • Supervised detoxification with a tapered approach for certain substances
  • Treatment for co-occurring mood disorders and mental health issues
  • Behavioral therapies that encourage more positive mental and emotional responses
  • Identifying personal substance-abuse triggers and strategizing defenses against them
  • Group therapy and counseling with ongoing aftercare sessions

There are several steps to finding the right job in San Diego, but it all starts with ending the addiction.

Addiction Helpline

Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help with warning signs, treatment options and rehab facilities. We can also make suggestions for finding the right job and check health insurance policies for treatment coverage. Call our toll-free helpline now and get the assistance you need.