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Drug Temptations for Professionals

Drug Temptations for Professionals

Medical professionals are at increased risk for drug abuse

The stereotypical image of a drug abuser tends to be someone who is unemployed and downtrodden, not someone who holds a good job, has a family and a nice home. But San Diego residents from all walks of life struggle with drug abuse and addiction, even professionals. Addiction is a powerful disease—it would have to be to suck people away from the good lives that they hold. People more readily understand the addicts that come from unstable environments or that deal with serious emotional trauma, because it is evident that drugs served these people as ways to cope with problems. However, it is much harder to identify with drug addicts that seem to have everything going for them. How can someone with a good career, family and home life fall for temptations of drug abuse?

Stress majorly affects drug use among professionals. It is familiar to almost every San Diego resident, and, when stress becomes too great, people may resort to any means to address it. While people with good lives may seem to be free from worries and stress, they too may have bosses barking at them, deadlines to meet, marital problems, heaps of responsibility and serious financial concerns. People who hold well-paying jobs can still have debt, large mortgages, families to feed and bills to pay. The threat of losing a job puts stress on many people, and many people dislike something about their work. The demands of a stressful work environment can drive individuals to alcohol or drugs to cope.

Working professionals may have to perform manual labor, work long hours or work in somber environments. They may have to travel, sleep in hotel rooms and limit time with their families. Whether it be jet lag, loneliness or chronic pain, many problems related to work can cause considerable stress both physically and emotionally. San Diego professionals with this kind of stress may want to treat their pain with drugs, as substances offer positive feelings and/or distraction.

Social factors can also influence a decision to abuse drugs. Social drinking or drug use bonds many people together in today’s culture: drinks after work or passing around a prescription bottle at the office can seem innocent and a natural part of workplace camaraderie, especially where alcohol is concerned. People may think that, if other co-workers abuse drugs while still holding down a job, then they can too; they think that, if they can function, then their drug use is controlled. Addiction often stems from this thought-process, where people believe they can control drug abuse, but eventually drugs dominate the brain. The need to feed a physical and psychological addiction is so strong that it will eventually overtake a San Diego drug user’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

In addition, everyone is susceptible to stress, physical pain, emotional pain, relationship problems and more. Just because a San Diego resident appears to be clean-cut, successful and healthy does not mean she lacks personal and internal battles. Any person can fall victim to addiction.

If you are concerned that you or a San Diego loved one needs help for drug abuse or addiction, then call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak with our admissions coordinators. Whether you have questions or are ready to find treatment options now, our staff can help. Life is too short to waste on addiction, so call now for help.