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Does My Addiction Define Me?

Does My Addiction Define Me?One of the first things that you will learn in rehab counseling or therapy is how to think about your addiction. As you begin to face it honestly, you may wonder if your addiction defines you. You may wonder if addiction is the central and dominating aspect of your personality or if other people will see you only in terms of your addiction. Addiction impacts your life and your relationships in San Diego, but your core personality remains intact, and you can rediscover yourself through rehab and treatment.

Facing Questions about Your Addiction

Questions about addiction and related issues are good ones to face the answers to, and discovering answers can play an important role in your recovery and healing. In a recovery program you will be able to explore issues related to self -identity, self-esteem and the choices you have made. There is no simple answer or clear cut way to resolve most of these issues, but you can begin to understand that you are not defined by your addiction.

Recovery programs typically will include counseling that will help you redefine and rediscover a self-identity that does not have drug use or addiction at the center. You will be encouraged to find a purpose or purposes at the core your character that will direct your future as you leave behind your past in San Diego. Recovery programs often include social groups that engage in therapeutic activities. Through group and individual therapy you will understand how people see you in a broad way that goes beyond your addiction.

Part of recovery will involve seeing how others once caught in grip of addiction have moved on to live rich lives in San Diego. They have to be on guard against addiction, monitor their thoughts and actions and be careful to avoid relapse triggers, but they have lives beyond drugs and addiction.

Discover Life in San Diego without Drugs

You can define yourself as more than an addiction. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about recovery and rediscovering yourself and your identity. We are here 24 hours a day to talk with you and help you find the person you want to be.