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Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?

Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?Completing a rehab program does wonders for the confidence of a former San Diego drug addict. His self-esteem rises as he realizes that it was possible to recover, he just needed the proper guidance, discipline and support. However, upon leaving recovery he needs those things just as he did during rehab if he hopes to stay sober. One way newly recovering addicts fight relapse is to hire a sober escort for the first few months of readjusting to everyday life.

What Sober Escorts Do

If a former drug user has learned anything from her days of addiction, it is that cravings are not to be underestimated. When they hit, especially in the later stages of dependence, San Diego drug addicts will do virtually anything to get their hands on enough of the drug. Even though detox and rehab do much to teach patients to conquer cravings, temptations to use drugs strike sporadically long after people quit abusing drugs. For addicts who are unsuspecting or alone when cravings hit, resisting them is a massive challenge, and an ensuing relapse can devastate someone’s confidence in recovery. Of course, no friend or family member can constantly accompany the recovery graduate, nor should he be watched constantly, as he needs to learn to manage himself. However, it is helpful at first to have a companion with experience in talking recovering drug users down from cravings, even restraining them physically if the appetite for the drugs pushes them to violence.

Hiring a sober escort does not prevent relapse, but it makes it less likely, especially if it takes the recovering addict a while to remove drug triggers from her life (such as coworkers or neighbors who abuse drugs, or a living situation near a bar or drug distribution point). Sober escorts have a wealth of advice and encouragement to offer former San Diego drug users who are transitioning into life after addiction. They will attend recovery meetings with their clients to support them and to help them make friends who are also recovering from addiction.

Sober Escorts for San Diego Drug Addicts

A call to our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can put San Diego residents in touch with recovery counselors who can help people find a professional, experienced sober escort. Not only will this sober escort be a valuable resource for your new life, but he can also be a good friend to keep you from entering this sometimes-scary stage alone. Call us today and let us help you find the companion who will be the most beneficial for your situation.