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Divorce and Addiction

Divorce and AddictionSubstance abuse and dissolved marriages are very closely related. Divorce is one of the most common triggers for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction and untreated addiction is one of the most common causes of failed marriage. Special therapeutic opportunities and outreaches have evolved in recent years to help divorcing couples, as well as to treat addiction before families are irreparably harmed. Help is available for San Diego couples struggling with addiction and/or divorce.

How Addiction Can Cause Divorce for San Diego Couples

Substance abuse issues destroy millions of marriages each year, and addiction may be the main cause of divorce for some San Diego couples. Drug and alcohol addiction undermine the foundation of marriage in multiple ways:

  • Addicts are often dishonest about their disease and trust is broken
  • Addiction often challenges financial security and destroys resources
  • Some addicts lose control while drunk or high and physically abuse their spouse
  • Addiction costs addicts their jobs

Maintaining a healthy marriage is challenging even while sober; when one or both partners succumb to substance abuse it is nearly impossible. Seeds of resentment are planted that then grow into toxic weeds that crowd out communication, affection and intimacy.

How Divorce Can Trigger Addiction for San Diego Couples

Divorce can also be one of the events that lead to addiction in some cases. The end of a marriage creates great emotional pain and suffering, which some San Diego individuals may be tempted to numb with drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol ultimately make suffering much worse in the following ways:

  • Newly single partners often feel lonely and disconnected
  • Feelings of failure and abandonment can cause depression
  • Hostile divorces can trigger great hurt and pain in both parties
  • The children of divorced parents are at risk of engaging in dangerous attention-seeking behavior
  • Alcohol and drugs block the emotional pain that divorce causes

When removed from the relational accountability that marriage offers many former partners engage in self-destructive behavior that would not have been as easy when they were married

Rather than turning to drugs and alcohol, divorced couples should seek support from friends, family, or mental health professionals.

Help for Divorce and Addiction

If you are going through a divorce, or if you are concerned that your use of drugs and alcohol may cause the end of your marriage, please call our toll-free helpline right away. It’s amazing what some specialized counseling and therapy can accomplish in the lives and hearts of two people. Excellent programs offer married couples and individuals a second chance at happiness and fulfillment. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day and will connect you with the resources you need. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call now.