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Defining Recreational Drug Use

Defining Recreational Drug UseRecreational drug use refers to using a drug for fun rather than for medical purposes. Several San Diego residents believe they can abuse drugs on occasion without getting addicted. Furthermore, they believe they can control their drug use and quit whenever they want, or that their drug only affects them. While people can use drugs for pleasure and see little consequences, this habit will inevitably cause drug abuse and addiction.

Effects of Recreational Drug Use

Drug use will affect San Diego users, whether the effects develop quickly or much later. American society almost normalizes recreational drug use among young adults, as if it is a normal part of growing up. While recreational drug use seems fun, it comes with many risks. Drug addicts lose their families, fail school, jeopardize their careers, get into legal trouble, blow their money and some even lose their lives. The path from recreational drug use to drug abuse and addiction is slippery, so people who abuse drugs need immediate help before they develop serious problems.

Risks of Recreational Drug Use

Drug use can cause any of the following risks:

  • Overdose, irreversible damage from just one use and instant death
  • Tolerance, dependence and addiction
  • Accidents and trouble due to impaired behavior
  • Damaged relationships
  • Trouble with the law
  • Financial trouble
  • Poor performance at school, work or home, possibly causing divorce, job loss, suspension, expulsion and more
  • Positive drug tests limiting opportunities with jobs, teams, clubs and more
  • Increased risk for mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinogen persistent perception disorder and bipolar disorder
  • A black mark that could remain for years and influence an individual’s future opportunities. For instance, getting a DUI can oppose jobs opportunities, driving privileges, insurance coverage and more.

San Diego residents who face these problems need immediate help recovering.

When Recreational Drug Abuse Becomes Addiction

The terms drug abuse and addiction are often used interchangeably, but they suggest different types of drug use. Drug abuse is misusing a substance according to social norms, while addiction refers to a compulsive need to use. San Diego drug users can progress from recreational drug use to addiction in one use.

Rehab for San Diego Drug Addicts

Recreational drug use almost always ends in addiction, illness or death. To prevent the risks and dangers of addiction, end your recreational drug use now. To do this, San Diego residents can call our toll-free helpline today to speak with an admissions coordinator who can assist you. They can answer your questions and inform you about addiction and treatment options. They can even connect you with the best treatment services across the nation, so do not delay seeking help.