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Confusing Your Loved One and the Addiction

Confusing Your Loved One and the AddictionThe most challenging part of dealing with another person’s addiction is that the effects can make someone unrecognizable to her loved ones. This can throw you for a loop, as you never thought that your loved one would do some of the things she did while addicted. San Diego residents can help addicted loved ones if they seek professional help.

Is Addiction a Disease?

One of the biggest challenges you may face with an addict is his behavior while he is under the influence. This can lead San Diego residents to resentment, hostility and estrangement, but you can acknowledge the disease to realize how it affects your loved one. Addiction can cause any of the following behaviors:

  • Dishonesty – Almost all drug addicts exude dishonesty because they know that the addiction is wrong. Addicts know better than to obtain drugs illegally or use them behind people’s backs, but the disease is driving them to do so, even if it means hurting others along the way.
  • Hostility – Most substances cause mood swings, making users easily hostile. This is not your loved one’s doing, rather an effect of the substance on brain chemistry.
  • Cruelty – You might perceive your loved one as cruel if she takes low blows, jabs at friends and blames other people. This is all a result of drug use, and it is not a choice addicts willingly make.

San Diego residents would do well to acknowledge the effects of addiction so they can help.

Effects of Addiction

Your San Diego loved one, while under the influence, is not blind. She will see how she affects others, but she will not be able to stop. This will likely make her shameful, sparking all kinds of abnormal outbursts that only fuel the fire. The user, even while under the influence, will likely experience any of the following emotions:

  • Frustration – Your loved one can easily become frustrated while trapped in addiction, and he may feel like he can do nothing about it even if he tried
  • Depression – Addicts generally feel an overall sense of sadness that makes them less likely to reach out
  • Shame – San Diego drug users may know that they are hurting their loved ones, but they can’t speak up about it. This can make them feel extremely ashamed, forcing them to isolate themselves from others.

Your loved one is still in there even if addiction is masking her. While she is still using drugs, it is important that you set boundaries and avoid co-dependency to ensure that you are not enabling the addiction. Your main goal is to pull your loved one out of addiction so you can regain the family member that you knew and loved. By understanding an addict’s inner feelings and protecting yourself, you can distinguish a San Diego resident from her addiction.

San Diego Addiction Help

If you live in San Diego and need help with addiction, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. You can get the support you need to help your loved one, so don’t waste one more second. Call us today and get professional treatment.