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Causes of Accidental Drug Addiction

Causes of Accidental Drug AddictionSan Diego residents rarely set out to be substance abusers. In fact, it could be argued that almost all drug addictions are accidental in nature. There are many causes as to why an addiction might develop accidentally, and while each addict’s situation is unique, the circumstances from case to case are remarkably similar.

How Prescription Medications Lead to Accidental Addictions

One of the most commonly cited accidental drug addictions is to prescription medications. Many times, San Diego patients will begin to take a drug provided to them by their doctor, then slowly grow addicted to the substance without being conscious of what’s happening. This is particularly common in people who deal with pain. The pain seems to be increasingly more than they can bear, which compels them to take larger and larger doses to feel relief. This is a dangerous practice; follow dosage instructions carefully and only increase your dosage if your doctor recommends it.

Drugs that treat mental diseases have similar issues, and there are many cases that Xanax and other similar drugs shift from helping to harming people as they use higher and higher doses of the medication. If a San Diego residents struggles with his medication for a mental health disorder, this is a cause for immediate concern. Contact the prescribing doctor quickly and determine how to handle this issue.

How Environment Affects Addiction

One’s environment also plays a key part in addiction as many people try drugs or alcohol because of a distressing home or work life. These places can drive San Diego residents to substances that they believe will relieve stress from the daily grind. Now, while many would consider using these drugs as a conscious decision, having a drink of alcohol here or there can seem harmless. Unfortunately, these harmless moments gradually increase and anyone can become an addict before too long.

Furthermore, teenagers may succumb to peer pressure and justify use by saying, “I’ll just try it,” or, “Just this once.” In fact, many San Diego adults even use such excuses. But one use turns into many, and many times the user never intended to indulge regularly. As stated before, this over indulgence is something that comes without the user really being aware. Like a prescription drug addict gradually taking more and more of a medication, users can become tolerant to the relieving effects of alcohol, so the amount required to relieve pain or stress becomes an increasing rather than set amount.

How Genetics Affects Addiction

Of course, someone could have a genetic predisposition to addiction, a factor which people have the least control over. Genetics has proven that there are certain people who are more prone to addiction than others. If a San Diego family struggles with any sort of substance abuse, it is important that all potentially addictive drugs are stored with caution, because these people are the most likely to slip into an addiction against their will.

San Diego Addiction Help

The fact is nobody wants a drug to rule his life. People look at drugs as various forms of pain relief, which turns into abuse usually without the user ever really realizing what has happened until it is to late.

If you or a San Diego loved one suffers from an accidental addiction, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline where our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to answer your questions in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.