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Alcohol Addiction Counselor

Alcohol Addiction CounselorAlcohol addiction counselors are an important part of the rehab process. Because alcohol addiction is such a complex issue it is often beneficial to hire an alcohol addiction counselor with the skills to find the root of each San Diego alcoholic’s problem.

How Do San Diego Residents Find Alcohol Addiction Counselors?

When you enroll in a rehab center you will be assigned one or more alcohol addiction counselors. Typically, when you enter rehab you are required to attend a mandatory number of sessions with your counselor. After those sessions are completed it is up to you to decide how long you want to continue treatment. There is no formula for counseling. San Diego residents can continue with counseling as long as they want or until they feel they have learned as much as possible. Rehab counselors can also suggest other counselors that patients can see after rehab is over. Though mostly found in rehab centers, alcohol addiction counselors can also work in hospitals, mental health facilities, detention centers and their own private practices.

It is important that San Diego residents find the right counselor for their needs. If you feel uncomfortable talking to or sharing with your counselor there is no shame in searching for one. Therapy depends on your complete honesty with your counselor. If you are too uncomfortable to be completely honest then you will not receive the full benefit of the sessions.

Why Should San Diego Residents Attend Alcoholism Counseling?

Without counseling some patients simply go through a detox program and are then released. The drug is cleansed from a person’s system, but she is given no tools to combat her cravings, nor does she know why she is so strongly affected by alcohol. Her chance of relapsing is extremely high. Conversely, an addict who completes rehab and also attends counseling has a higher chance of recovery because he has more information about his addiction. In counseling sessions, he and his counselor have explored the events and reasons that he has become an alcoholic. These factors can include genetic likelihood of addiction, mental health issues such as depression, and past traumas. By finding out what caused him to drink in the first place, a San Diego resident is better equipped to avoid tempting situations.

Alcohol Addiction Counselors for San Diego Residents

If you or someone you know in San Diego needs more information about alcohol addiction counselors call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions that you have. Your life is too precious to waste on drugs. Get help today. Call us now.