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Addiction Support Groups

Addiction Support GroupsAny trial or struggle seems less difficult to bear when it is shared with others who understand and care. The journey of addiction is no different. Support groups can be a valuable resource to San Diego residents in recovery as these groups can provide both emotional support and practical advice.

There are a large number of different types of addiction support groups. Some are targeted to people addicted to one particular substance and others are designed for those with any addiction. There are many mixed-gender groups, but also groups specifically for women or men. Separate groups for young people also exist. There are in-person support groups and online versions, and groups that are both faith-based and secular. Many groups follow the traditional 12-step model (the model of Alcoholics Anonymous), but it’s also possible to find groups with a different format.

Because peer support is so important to the recovery process, most addiction counselors advise their San Diego patients to participate in them at all stages of recovery. Sometimes support groups are available during detox, and patients start attending them during that time. Others begin during the next stage of the rehab process, during inpatient or residential treatment. Counselors also highly recommend that attendance at group meetings continue after formal rehab has ended.

Support Group Formats and Elements

Although there are differences between groups and formats, all groups are likely to have certain elements in common. Group members will discuss their challenges and victories, and strategies for staying clean will be presented and discussed. Many groups provide for one-on-one mentoring between newer members and more experienced recovering addicts.

Although no two support groups are exactly alike, many follow a format similar to that of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA meetings are of several different types. In discussion meetings a topic is introduced by the leader and those who wish to share on the issue are invited to do so. In big book and step study meetings, participants study the “Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous” or the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.” There are also speaker meetings in which pre-selected speakers share their stories of addiction and recovery.

Sometimes San Diego citizens find that one particular support group doesn’t seem to be the best fit for them. If so, it is wise to find another group rather than give up all the benefits support groups offer. Addiction support groups provide encouragement and accountability, but they don’t have professional counselors or physicians on staff. Most San Diego residents find the best recovery results to come from combining peer support with a professionally guided rehab program.

Help Finding Addiction Support Groups for San Diego Residents

If you live in or near San Diego and want to find a support group, we can help you find a program that meets your needs. Our trained counselors can answer your questions and talk about your options. We can also check your insurance coverage. Our helpline is toll-free and we’re available 24 hours a day, so why not give us a call now?