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4 Ways to Overcome the Temptation to Drink Alcohol on a Holiday

4 Ways to Overcome the Temptation to Drink Alcohol on a Holiday

Practice socializing wisely during the holidays

The holidays often bring about unwelcome feelings or depressing memories, which are debilitating enough without recovering from alcoholism, but devastating if one is doing so. Some addicts may have broken or estranged relationships with loved ones, so when holidays remind these addicts of family, it can be excruciating to deal with sobriety. The temptation to drown bad feelings with alcohol can be overwhelming for a recovering addict, and it may make way for a dangerous relapse. On the other hand, the holidays may simply be a time for celebration that is drenched in alcohol. Some parties can be avoided, but it is unrealistic to think that a recovering alcoholic can socialize with others during the holidays and completely avoid alcohol. For some recovering alcoholics, being in the same room as alcohol during a holiday can be dangerous, so recovering addicts must take many steps to stay sober.

How to Stay Sober during the Holidays

Recovering alcoholics can stay sober during the holidays if they integrate the following four tips:

  • Avoid risky parties – Some parties are simply too risky for a recovering alcohol to attend, such as parties held at a bar. Some social gatherings may have alcohol present, but the focus of these parties may be more on socializing and less on drinking; other parties completely center on getting drunk as fast as possible. Avoid these latter types of parties to overcome temptation and to prevent relapse.
  • Bring a sober friend or support partner – Having a sober friend or support partner who discourages relapse can be essential for maintaining sobriety during the holidays. A sober friend can be especially useful if someone lacks confidence in her ability to remain sober.
  • Practice socializing wisely – Recovering addicts muse be careful to avoid contact with difficult family members, old friends or acquaintances who produce negative feelings. Some family members may encourage arguments about every comment about sobriety, which can lead to negative emotions that people medicate with alcohol. Avoiding parties where these people will be, or avoiding these people altogether, is a smart decision.
  • Plan ahead – Come up with a careful plan about what to do if problems arise. Have a fun, non-alcoholic drink at hand to avoid the discomfort of being the only one not drinking. Contact a few people to call for support if temptation gets out of control. Careful planning can be a necessity to maintain sobriety during the holidays.

Staying sober during the holidays is more important than having a drink or attending a fun party where everyone gets drunk. Sacrificing certain social pleasures to maintain sobriety is essential to avoiding relapse and the risk of falling back into addiction.

Help Finding Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, then please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to help you find a treatment program that will work for you. Beat your addiction today and call us now.